Based in our very own city by the sea, BrightonSEO rolls around twice a year, attracting some of the most talented online enthusiasts from around the world, Not content with being the best event in the UK to brush up on your digital marketing knowledge, it’s also up there with the greatest when it comes to puffed-up digital buzzwords.

From the proclamations of ‘Content is King’ a few years back, to favourites like ‘big data’, ‘futureproof’ and ‘omnichannel’, you’re certain to hear a familiar term or two on Friday.

So with 2016 marking BrightonSEO’s biggest turnout yet, we’re celebrating with a world exclusive for the event: BrightonSEO Buzzword Bingo! An interactive bingo card to mark off those loveable lingo choices as you hear them, for the chance to turn patter into prizes.

Simply open the card on your phone, tablet or laptop and play along – then once you have a ‘line’ or ‘full house’, screenshot it and tweet or Instagram it to @add_mustard using the #BrightonSEO hashtag!

Easy enough, but the big question that’s on everyone’s lips is of course, “what can I win!?” We’ve teamed up with some of the very best local businesses in Brighton to give you the chance to snap up the following for a line or full house:

Prizes for a line (prize draw, given throughout the day):

  • Brunch for two, plus a cocktail each at Kooks, Brighton
  • 1.9 litre bottle with a tag for free fill in store, from 4 beer selection at Bison Beer
  • Bare Biology gift set of Omega3

Grand prize for a full house (prize draw, announced at 6:00pm once all talks have finished):


Terms and conditions:

Entries open at 9:00am Friday 2nd September 2016 and close at 6:00pm. Each entrant can place as many entries as they wish, however will still be treated as a single entry. Winners will be drawn at random, with winners for the ‘line’ prize draw being announced sporadically throughout the day, while the ‘grand prize’ for a full house will be announced for one winner at 6:00pm on Friday).

Entries must be sent on social media (Twitter or Instagram) to @add_mustard in the form of a screenshot, while using the #BrightonSEO hashtag in the body of the tweet or Instagram caption.

To redeem their prize, entrants must send addmustard their e-mail address, so the prize (be it a voucher or money-off code) can be e-mailed to this address.

addmustard takes no responsibility for the service provided upon redemption of the prize. This responsibility falls solely with the service provider of the given prize.

Prize specific terms and conditions:

  • Brunch for two at Kooks Brighton, includes one cocktail per person and can be redeemed at any time (menu available until 5:00pm). Winners names will be added to a booking upon redemption.
  • 1.9 litre free fill bottle of beer @ Bison Beer, Brighton can be redeemed at any time in store between 11:00am – 8:00pm on Monday to Saturday. To redeem, please present e-mail confirmation from addmustard of your win. Please note that the winner must provide proof of age (over 18 years) at the time of redemption, to be able to claim this prize. 
  • Bare Biology gift set to be redeemed upon receiving winner’s full name and address. Bare Biology will then post the prize to the winner as soon as received
  • MEATliquor £60 voucher is valid for 3 months.