Take Marsh & Parsons

A company that has matched the people and property of London for over 160 years.

A brand that has been solidly established, over the last 8 of those years and is a

permanent fixture in the daily lives of Londoners.

A brand that is respected.

Dare we even say…’liked!’.

A brand that wins hearts and awards.

Our job… enhance that brand in a digital world.

Protect it, nurture it, grow it.

Add a thoroughly modern, digital marketing campaign

We needed a way to be smarter with Marsh & Parson’s marketing budgets. Increasing valuation volumes in an ever crowded market, as cost efficiently as possible.

The entertaining, witty ads that had adorned the city’s buses, tubes and outdoor placements resonated with Londoners, so we carried this through (consistently) into the digital world.

We digitalised the brand’s popular characters and ran these across all digital touchpoints. Testing hundreds of ad formats and creatives, feeding performance back into above-the-line activity to help inform overall creative strategy.

Sophisticated targeting of homeowners and landlords (through demographics, interests, search activity, competitor interests, and customer lookalikes), was teamed with shrewdly optimised landing pages and a content strategy that targeted the queries that were regularly searched for by the target audience.

Tests were also run to pull-back paid advertising spend on terms where we ranked highly organically, which not only led to an increase in overall valuations, but also a reduction in Cost per Lead.

Alongside a potent shot of innovation

Meanwhile, addmustard’s technology, CRO and UX teams got moving to increase site conversion rate to improve valuations across all digital channels.

Creating, managing and executing a new development pipeline that focused on core, actionable conversion issues that were highlighted through comprehensive onsite, comparator, and market analysis.

Alongside this, all SEO Core Web Vitals and mobile issues were addressed.

And you get…

Results worth writing home about.

  • Deliver 20% YoY increase in revenues from sales instructions. Campaign achievement: 26%.
  • Reduce the marketing cost per instruction by 25%. Campaign achievement: 81%. This was achieved by directly joining up the offline brand campaign with online campaign schedules, brand content and the website experience, leading to a 63% increase in web traffic to lead conversion, as well as more efficient budget allocation to more responsive channels.

In addition, the multi-channel campaign delivered:

  • Ad recall amongst home movers in London and the South-East increased by 62% across the campaign period, which resulted in a brand awareness increase of 17 percentage points.
  • Online, we reinvested 82% of paid search spend into the multi-channel campaign and achieved a 105% increase in instructions, compared to the prior year period (in a falling market).

And a glowing endorsement from the chairman.

“Marsh & Parsons engaged addmustard to support our strategy of differentiating our brand, increasing our digital presence and innovating our technology. Addmustard have worked with us across all channels and platforms to deliver a highly successful brand campaign, improve our customer experience and increase the efficiency of our digital marketing. They have integrated with our team and have completely aligned themselves with our strategy.”

Michael Baulk, Chairman, Marsh & Parsons