Take the Focus Group brand

And breathe new life into it.

Focus Group, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of communications, data, application & security technology for businesses (and breathe) needed to reposition themselves for future growth.

We conducted external interviews and workshops.

We led customer interviews and started profiling.

Then – and only then – could we get cracking on a new brand.

A brand that would prove the starting point for everything else going forwards.

‘Let’s connect. Let’s grow’.

Now we had something to work with.

Add a brilliant in-house marketing team, working alongside addmustard

Together, we developed shiny, new brand assets and implemented these across all communications and media channels.

All of which laddered up to our new brand platform.

The addmustard marketing team developed digital media campaigns, driving high quality leads, leading to significant sales growth from new marketing channels.

Things were coming together.

And the appropriate amount of tech for a tech company

A well-considered and effective roadmap of strategic trading testing which covered homepage banner redesigns, site-wide promotional offers and the optimisation of the key lead-generating contact form was executed. Alongside a large-scale redesign of the lead and contact support submission process.

And the result is…

A magnificent ROI of 6.35. On brand investment
79% increase in qualified leads

And praise indeed from the CEO:

“Focus Group supports businesses, providing technology solutions to enable them to grow and we ourselves are on a high growth trajectory. The challenges that growth brings are complex and fundamental to our future. Addmustard have worked with us across our brand, marketing and technology to help us drive this growth, deliver consistency and to create a new integrated brand platform for our market-leading Digital Workplace proposition. Working with our in-house sales, marketing and technology teams, addmustard has helped us to increase our digital awareness, drive quality leads, improve sales effectiveness and deliver efficiency across our marketing channels.”

Barney Taylor – CEO