November is National Novel Writing Month, a novel writing project that challenges professional and amateur authors to set aside ‘what ifs’ and put pen to page. Wordsmiths are encouraged to write about whatever they like, and being lovers of the written word at addmustard, we decided to get involved as well.
At addmustard HQ we pride ourselves on our love and world-class expertise in digital marketing, so it was easy to decide what to write about. But we also know that how you write about a subject is just as important as the subject itself. So we decided to take the hot topics of content and marketing but apply a classic spin, using traditional fairy tales as our inspiration.
In keeping with the very popular theme of 10X content, to make our message even bigger and even better, we’ve teamed up with some of the most renowned and knowledgeable names in the industry for their opinion on how content marketers can succeed in 2017 and beyond. Each week we’ll be working with another influencer and another fairy tale to produce our series of short stories from the biggest names in content marketing.

This week we’ve worked with Bas van de Beld of State of Digital, who’s telling us about how content can do anything, even persuade a princess to kiss a frog.