We approach outreach much like traditional PR: by identifying the most well-known, relevant and highest quality online publications and reaching out to them to open up communications about your brand, nurturing a relationship, and then placing your content in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time. We find that this doesn’t just garner a better return when it comes to metrics and performance, but also forces us to create stronger stories for our clients.

addmustard’s outreach team specialises in getting your content, and your brand, out into the marketplace and in front of a wider audience. This is the final and key stage in a brand’s overall content strategy, and without it, you simple cannot ensure that your message will reach your users.

Idea Generation

Strong ideation is at the heart of all PR-worthy content. Our outreach team brings extensive experience to your outreach campaigns, having worked with sources as varied as Radio 1 to CNN, we know what does and doesn’t resonate. Separating ideas into ‘enhanced’ and ‘killer’ content campaigns, we devise high impact outreach ideas that can be targeted to short-term and long-term goals based on your specific budget and objectives.

Content Creation

We understand that world-class ideas can only succeed if teamed with methodical and skilled execution. Working alongside our content specialists and creative teams, we ensure that the right look, feel and tone is brought to the delivery of your outreach. This ensures that your campaign is true to your brand and your values, while still engaging with your target audience and delivering on KPIs. Whether it’s working to create an infographic or blog, our expertise in content creation will bring the ideas to life.


The key aspect of outreach is getting the story we’ve created out ‘there’. By targeting publications that maximise your exposure, we’re able to get your brand in front of an audience eager to consume your content. In addition to our experience in the PR sphere, we’ve developed a contact list that ranges from international publications to industry niche bloggers, which means we’re able to deliver your story to the right audience. Need proof? We’ve previously achieved coverage for clients that has been seen by well over one million people.

Influencer Collaboration

While aiming to create a story that travels as far and wide as possible, there is also often a need to tap into very specific or niche audiences. For this reason, we also work with exclusive influencers to become brand advocates, resulting in access to the eyes of their ‘bolt-on audience’. We work to identify these figures by looking at their exposure to your audience and their suitability to your brand’s identity, which leads to collaborative content that suits all audiences, and expands your reach.


In order to build a strong platform for future outreach success, our team will look into the background of your brand. By understanding what has previously worked (and moreover, what hasn’t), along with what your competitors are doing and what is resonating in the industry and beyond, we will audit your progress right up until the present day. This auditing process allows our expert team to identify gaps in the market and opportunities for future successes to shape your outreach strategy going forwards.