At cinemas across the globe this week, viewers will finally bear witness to the biggest superhero battle of all time. Two of the world’s most notorious costumed crime-fighters will go head to head in the anticipated film, ‘Dawn of Justice’. But who will come out on top: Batman or Superman? They both have unworldly strength, phenomenal intelligence, and have dedicated their lives to protecting the world from the bad guys. They’re also both partial to a cape and a pair of skin-tight leggings. But Lycra aside, we’re well aware that what the digital world really wants to know is:

Who is the ultimate superhero in the world of marketing and brand building?

When it comes to public image, social perception, audience engagement and brand awareness, we pit these extraordinary characters against each other to crown the undisputed marketing superhero….

Batman Superman Marketing Infographic

So there you have it, Batman speeds away with the crown, leaving Superman in the dust. Buoyed by the more recent Christopher Nolan films, ‘The Dark Knight’ has been blessed with another superpower – the ability to dominate relevant modern marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google. It’ll be interesting to see whether he continues his rise, or if ‘Dawn of Justice’ is a springboard for Superman to gain some ground on Mr. Wayne.

To be continued…

Over to you – which superhero would you want to work with and why? We’d love to hear your comments below.