Understanding your marketing performance is key to improving it and driving your business forward. In an increasingly multi-device world with ever-complex consumer journeys, this insight plays an essential role in ensuring your website and campaigns perform seamlessly across various platforms. We help brands gain an accurate understanding of their customers and performance, which allows you to make smarter marketing decisions; even increasing your revenue or conversions without increasing your spend.

addmustard’s performance team will delve deep into your data, using our analysis expertise to drive more efficient multi-channel campaigns with measurable tracking. Working alongside our Biddable and Organic teams, we’ll ensure performance and activity is recorded and analysed accurately. We present results and conclusions in a way that is easy to understand and provide actionable insights into your data, to help inform your long term marketing strategy.

Effective Reporting

Reporting is fundamental in order to track your progression and position within the marketplace. Our team spend time getting under the skin of your business objectives, KPIs and unique tracking set-up. We’ll provide insightful and comprehensible reporting that will guide your business decisions. Our team provide actionable recommendations, not just rows of data! This ensures that you get the best possible value from your insight.


Attribution modelling applies credit to each of the touchpoints in a customer’s path to conversion, empowering businesses to look beyond a ‘last-click wins’ way of reporting and see the impact of all consumer interactions with your brand on your bottom line. This allows you to identify the efficiency of each digital channel and decide where best to invest budget and resource in order to maximize your ROI.

Competitor Analysis

Using competitor tracking tools in Organic and Paid Search, we provide insights into your website’s visibility in search engines and how you currently measure up to your competitors. We identify where you have the advantage and where you don’t - providing recommendations on opportunities to increase your visibility and improve your share of the target market. This valuable insight into where your brand is positioned within the context of your market will help you drive real growth.


Our performance audits follow a robust analytical process, and are designed to provide you with the tools to effectively collect, track and report on your data. We will assess the current performance of your set-up and deliver recommendations for improvements, based on analytics and industry best practice. You’ll be provided with key data insights that can help redefine your marketing strategy, helping you make more informed budget decisions.

Ad-hoc Analysis

At certain times a business can benefit from a deeper investigation of their marketing data. These explorations can identify previously hidden issues or new potential opportunities for growth. From landing page analysis and optimisation, to insights into the customer purchase funnel and channel impact analysis, we’ll provide you with a bespoke reporting package to ensure you can keep your marketing efforts on track.