The Challenges

With an aggressive forecast for the financial year combined with an essential restructure of digital campaigns during a period of peak trading, Cruising Excursions were not seeing trading pick up traction as quickly as predicted. Conversion rate wasn’t where it needed to be for the first 4 months and CPCs were 30% higher than the company had budgeted for, meaning CPA was compromised.

The Solution

addmustard conducted continuous optimisation and refinement of paid and organic campaigns to drive customers into the funnel using more generic terms for them to return and convert. These terms included destination specific, as well as broader brand terms.

Additionally, addmustard utilised audience insights, particularly in-market, to identify and target potential customers in the market for cruise and cruise tours. Combined with the use of Dynamic Search Ads targeting specific landing page content to try and drive cost-effective traffic, the campaigns resulted in a strong overall mix of traffic coming through search channels which ultimately resulted in Cruising Excursions achieving a higher conversion rate.

The Results

“The addmustard team have worked closely with our management, marketing and technical teams to drive the growth of our B2C business through a range of digital channels, as well as enhancing our online user experience. The results of the work has been impressive, with significant growth in revenue and improved efficiency from all of our marketing channels.” –John Wimbleton, Chairman

Increase in CR%
Increase in traffic

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