The Challenges

Since 2018, Marsh & Parsons have heavily invested in above the line media on bus, tube and outdoor placements to increase market SOV and scale brand awareness across their key target audience in London. To track this a brand survey was commissioned by MC&C consisting of 2,000 adults in the UK aged 18+ which consisted of key brand and messaging metrics tracked over time.

During year 1 there was little movement on brand awareness, recall or brand opinion from above the line activity and therefore more investment was moved digitally to test.

The Solution

addmustard digitalised creatives used in the above the line on a Paid Social and Display campaign particularly focused on mobile where demand in market has gradually increased. Video and static banners of the creatives were tested across GDN, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, GDN and Criteo. Testing between single characters and carousel characters together.

The Results

During this time overall brand awareness increased by 43% but mobile in particular increased by over 600% from 5% to 35%. Investment on Display and Paid Social has continued into 2019 and 2020.

Increase of overall brand awareness
Increase Mobile brand awareness

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