A previous travel client had been running with the same Google AdWords account structure for upwards of four years, and seen various account ownerships over that time. The account had expanded hugely, but simultaneously become untidy and unmanageable given the daily spend and number of accounts in operation. Although the accounts were large, addmustard believed they were still missing a lot of relevant traffic.

addmustard’s objective was to expand the keyword coverage of the client’s core accounts which incorporated the holidays, Cities and the hotel feed. We set out to do this in a manageable way, taking an approach which wouldn’t have a massive impact on overall spend for the accounts. Further, we wanted to find a way to manage the accounts more efficiently and improve some of the core metrics for the business. It also gave addmustard the opportunity to test this new structure out on one of our most established clients, in the hope that if it was successful, this would then be the recommended structure we would adopt for any new clients in the future.

Successfully split out every campaign across accounts with easy to follow naming convention, allowing a smooth transition if the accounts were ever to change management. By splitting the campaigns, we increased the overall traffic by 15% with easier budget control to help maximise efficiency. As we had more control over the match types and keyword mining was more efficient, the CTR increased by 58% to over 13% compared to the previous period. We could expand the coverage of exact match terms by 166%, as these keywords are more targeted, which helped lowered the overall CPC and CPA.

Traffic increase


Cost-per-click reduction


CTR increase


Broad and phrase clicks down


Exact match clicks up


Exact match keyword count up