The Challenges

In 2016, addmustard was the first agency in Europe to build a dynamic remarketing solution for one of its clients using a Google owned platform “GWD”. The client was able to target consumers with dynamic ads showing their most recent search on-site using a CPC bidding model. Conversions were tracked by third-party tracking solution DC Storm and increased threefold.

In order to gain more investment for the channel in the new financial year, the client wanted us to answer the following question:

Do display ads actually lead to sales, or was the consumer going to book anyway?

addmustard set out to test whether customers who saw dynamic ads had a higher conversion rate than those who did not see them, showing the impact of remarketing.

The Solution

In order to test the incremental conversion uplift of display, we tested dynamic remarketing ads by splitting remarketing audiences into two groups:

     Group A: A control group, which consisted of 10% of remarketing audience, were shown a Rainbow Trust Charity banner (non-client) ad using 10% of budget.
     Group B: The remaining 90% of the audience formed the second group which were shown a dynamic ad. 90% of the budget was applied to this campaign.

Testing these two groups meant tracking sales at impression level, and comparing the charity and dynamic ads to see the impact that dynamic ads had on conversion.

To make the test as effective and as normalised as possible, both groups landed on the same part of the site and were driven from similar purchase intent. As well as making sure all targeting elements were homogenous, such as campaign settings, bids, frequency cap and banner sizes.

The activity ran for 4 weeks and accrued 100,000 impressions.

The Results

The results from DC Storm reporting and analytics showed that dynamic ads drove a 54% uplift in sales versus the charity ads, using conversion rate at impression level as the key benchmark. Ad click through rate (CTR) performance for dynamic ads also surpassed charity at 0.26% vs 0.14%.

These results showed the client that people do engage and have a higher likelihood of conversion when displayed with a dynamic display advert. This is due to the relevant nature of these ads based on search activity on site.

The success of this test means addmustard is now working to expand dynamic remarketing in both the UK and International markets for the client.

Uplift in
CTR increased

The Client

Hoppa specialises in airport transfers, serving over three million passengers annually and covering more than 700 airports and 7500 destinations worldwide. With easy online booking and transport options that range from private limousines to coaches and even water taxis, the service is all about removing the stress of getting to a destination – and adding to the overall experience of your journey.

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