The Challenges

easyJet holidays wanted to review, restructure and optimise it’s paid search accounts and improve account performance. The existing account structure made scaling, optimisation and everyday management difficult, and budgets could not be easily moved around to support the business KPIs. This poor structure caused the accounts to suffer from low quality scores, click through rates and inflated CPCs compared to industry peers. addmustard needed to make the account more efficient, granular and easier to manage aswell as increasing click through rates (CTRs), reduce cost per click (CPC) and the cost of customer acquisition (CPA).

The Solution

addmustard carried out a complete restructure of easyJet holidays’ PPC accounts – starting with splitting the ‘Holidays’ account and the ‘Hotels’ account, and organising these into a uniformed adgroup structure by match type. This would allow addmustard to keep the accounts granular around particular themes aswell as quicker campaign changes and scalability to grow the account efficiently. The new structure also enabled better geotargeting across the easyJet flight network, reducing wasted traffic and improving CPA.

Keyword analysis was undertaken to remove poor performing keywords and expand top converting keywords through SQRs to include more long tail variations, giving easyJet holidays more coverage in the landscape. Specific ads were then created relevant to the keywords, tightly themed to the ad group to increase CTR and quality score. Utilising other extensions and account features, including being whitelisted for the then-new expanded text ads, was also a high priority.

The Results

The results of the PPC account restructure have been excellent, seeing positive numbers across all key performance indicators. Reduction in CPC and increase in CTR has driven a significant boost to traffic to the website. Conversion ratios have improved, now that we have more focussed targeting, leading to a 74% reduction in CPA, which was the largest target for easyJet holidays.

Key highlights include:

     42% of keywords now have a quality score of 7 or above, compared to 23% on the old account

     58% reduction in CPC

     22% increase in CTR

     65% improvement in conversion rate

     74% reduction in CPA

     80% increase in PPC conversions YOY

Increase in PPC
conversions YOY
conversion rate
in CPA

The Client

easyJet holidays offers a wide range of dynamically packaged holidays with specially selected accommodation, including major brands across easyjet’s entire route network. Customers can choose from short city breaks, last minute beach getaways and ski holidays with a range of 3*-5* handpicked hotels.

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