The Challenges

Since takeover of Neilson’s analytic accounts from a previous agency, the addmustard team identified that they were a brand with distinct user segments and user types. However, they were unable to leverage their analytics set up to optimise activity towards these segments.

The Solution

addmustard were able to lead on analytic developments, working alongside dev and management information teams to build out a comprehensive data layer which merged commercial data points with digital marketing metrics.

The addmustard performance team championed this progress and went above and beyond to deliver a more comprehensive data package, which answered many historic questions the brand had about their digital performance, including:

  • Development of search and booking metrics within Google Analytics including user types and booking duration
  • Supporting internal teams on management of API endpoints to ensure that the correct data was provided cheaply and efficiently
  • Development of enhanced Google tracking to show key behaviours on-site to justify investment in mobile
  • Supporting MI teams with advanced and detailed request to build out a full portfolio of granular data for senior stakeholders

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