The Challenges

An initial review of data and reporting with luxury hotel brand Mr & Mrs Smith highlighted the business were unable to understand channel performance or growth potential across their core channels and markets. addmustard highlighted particular concerns around:

  • Lack of forecast or targets for 2019 performance
  • Inconsistent data sources for reporting
  • No unified reporting used across the business
  • Recently commenced a migration in analytic platforms with incomplete data sets for YoY comparisons

The Solution

addmustard worked with Management Information teams to get to the bottom of inconsistent data and came up with a solution for data aggregation, and a comprehensive forecasting format that allowed for seasonality, channel specific activities and top-line shifts in behaviour (e.g ATV) to generate a 2019 forecast.

The Results

This was on-boarded with internal and external channel leads to direct channel level inputs. Following on-boarding of this model (which will be re-used for re-forecasting as year progresses), addmustard built an automated report that was used across the business to show performance and ROI against actuals and forecast values.

The benefits of this forecast model and reporting  led to:

  • A forecast which has performed +/-5% vs budget for every month YTD, providing accurate expectations on growth
  • Justified marketing team pitches for investment from senior stakeholders
  • Provided ROI at both top-line and bottom-line market/channel splits

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