The Challenges

For the launch of Mr & Mrs Smith’s 2019 above the line campaign, addmustard supported the internal team on strapline, message and creative by setting up a paid social test to help gather data to help the decision, by testing different creatives message and straplines. The test allowed us to define:

The Solution

The test allowed us to define which USPs drove more interest to be the focus of future communications. It helped with messaging, to identify which straplines resonated with new and repeat customers. Understanding social engagement (likes, shares, CTR) and how results differed across channel.

The Results

In total addmustard tested over 174 creatives across the period, driving a 17% revenue increase and 20% reduction in CPA.

“”Addmustard worked with the board, marketing, technology and brand teams at Mr & Mrs Smith and provided amazing service, insight and helped us accelerate a number of critical projects and campaigns to enable us to scale our business. The entire Addmustard team really took time to understand our business, challenge us and rolled their sleeves up to deliver some great solutions and campaigns for us. I look forward to continuing a long term relationship with them for many years to come.” – Julian Diment, Chief Growth Officer”

Increase in revenue
Reduction in CPA

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