The Challenges

While hoppa had an extremely strong foundation with the business launching back in 2004, the majority of this time was spent under the former brand, resorthoppa, before the company rebranded to hoppa in 2015. This resulted in a need to increase brand exposure and boost their backlink profile to solidify visibility in search.

It was also important that this was achieved via a minimal spend, as outreach wasn’t a marketing activity that hoppa had previously looked into or budgeted for. With outreach, at times, being somewhat of a ‘hard sell’, we needed a strategy that would deliver results without requiring large scale investment.

The Solution

We already had a fundamental understanding of who hoppa’s competitors were and what they were – or rather were not – doing content-wise. On top of this, we heavily researched into the stories that were resonating with our target online publications and audience, to increase the likelihood of pick up. An angle was devised to focus around the social media led side of holidaying: a hot topic with a wide-range of publications.

Using Instagram as our sole data source, we took the 50 most visited tourist destinations in the world, grouping photos taken in each location by categories which included: selfies, food, couples, landscapes and many more. Our aim was to generate headlines such as ‘the most ‘liked’ and ‘selfied’ holiday destinations on Earth’. This became ‘Insta-Holidays’.

Data was captured manually before being passed over to addmustard’s design department, where a selection of eye-catching graphics were created. Working with hoppa’s internal team, these graphics were placed on-site, surrounded by text-based content providing further insight into this innovative travel study.

The Results

The final step for Insta-Holidays was to get the word out and secure placements that brought about both brand exposure and high authority backlinks. By contacting larger areas of press that addmustard has strong relationships with and balancing with authoritative travel-related websites and blogs, we saw that the topic resonated just as expected.

Most notably, coverage was secured on CNN, Yahoo Travel, Lonely Planet and Marie Claire amongst others, achieving:

  Pieces of coverage: 117+

  Estimated coverage views: 1.71 million+

  Social shares: 12.3 thousand+

  Links from coverage: 72

  Extensive global coverage (predominantly in France), providing a boost to the French version of the hoppa site.

Pieces of coverage
Est. coverage views
Social shares

The Client

Hoppa is the market leader in airport transfers, covering over 700 airports and 7500 destinations worldwide. With easy online booking and transport options that range from private limousines to coaches and even water taxis, the service is all about removing the stress of getting to a destination – and adding to the overall experience of your journey.

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