The Challenges

In 2012, Blue Sea Hotels & Resorts made the transition into the international marketplace, and two years later, hired addmustard to support this exciting new phase. The following objectives were set out for the strategic shift:

     To improve the website’s organic visibility

     To increase organic visits, and the transactions and revenue generated

     To improve SEO conversion rate

The Solution

In order to meet these objectives, addmustard’s creative and brand specialists propositioned a new brand image and a website redesign. This was coordinated with a technical audit and recommended improvements, all with the goal of producing a site with fresh content and perfect onsite optimisation.

Our comprehensive technical audit included in-depth keyword research to identify the strongest search terms, to ensure meta optimisation. We also simplified the site structure to avoid term duplications and created a URL structure hierarchy that was logical to both users and search engines. The project also included improvement of accessibility, redirections, site speed, mobile configuration, breadcrumbs and navigation elements.

Finally, it was ensured that search engines would crawl and index the site regularly (identifying each region correctly) and that all landing pages responded with the appropriate HTTP status code.

The Results

Upon launch, the new website saw improvement in all brand visibility across each of the targeted markets, with Blue Sea ranking as the top organic result for each of their owned hotels. There were also considerable improvements in visits and conversions year on year, resulting in a 46% increase in revenue.
Conversion rate increased YOY
Site visits increased YOY

The Client

Blue Sea Hotels & Resorts is a Spanish hotel group with a collection of 24 properties throughout Spain, Malta, Morocco and Turkey. Their philosophy is to provide comfortable accommodation for all budgets, without lowering the quality of service they give to their customers.

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