The Challenges

Since launching a successful shutter business in the local Brighton area, Shutterly Fabulous have since expanded their services nationwide. With this, Shutterly Fabulous needed support in driving brand awareness and shutter appointment requests across several regions in the UK

The Solution

addmustard’s first objective was to launch geo-targeted PPC campaigns to target users actively searching for shutters in regional areas to portray a localised message which helped Shutterly Fabulous compete against nearby brands in that area. 

Once data was gathered at location and keyword level, the second objective was to use this data to drive brand awareness and prospective customers via paid social at a cheaper CPC and CPA than PPC. Facebook, Instagram and Instagram stories were set up to target new customers in areas underperforming for the business or had high CPCs via PPC, as well as remarketing those who had visited the site (from all channels) and not completed the appointment request form. 

An overall paid budget was agreed across Paid Social and PPC to maximise the number of conversions at the lowest CPA possible. This combined strategy successfully enabled addmustard to shift spend between the channels based on performance at area level, by monitoring CPCs, CPA and requests on a daily basis as well as feeding in service capacity for each area.

The Results

Within the first month of this combined strategy, appointment and CPA targets for paid channels were surpassed, and SEO performance also saw an increase in appointments by 78% MOM as a result of additional brand awareness generated by paid social.
Appointments against target
566 vs 400
CPA reduction against target
£54 vs £80
CPC improvement
from £4.20