The Challenges

addmustard were commissioned to analyse and review the domain and digital assets of a competitors website. Using publicly available and agency exclusive data addmustard where able to provide detailed analysis, assessment by core KPI’s and a gross overall value for acquisition of available digital assets.

Given the time sensitive nature of an organic migration the customer was unable to provision the technical platform required to successfully migrate, therefore addmustard where further commissioned to build a platform whereby the content could be hosted outside of the customers existing infrastructure.

The Solution

addmustard effectively transferred ~80% of the existing organic value from the legacy domain over to the customers existing domain whilst providing a scalable and cost effective content management system allowing ongoing organic growth.

The Results

The migration lifted the overall domain visibility by 39% effectively propelling them to 1st positions within the organic search results pages. The customer subsequently request addmustard provide contributed SEO support.

“Addmustard worked with the Wowcher team to value, acquire and migrate a high value domain, creating and executing the content and technical strategy to maximise the transfer of value. The results were significantly ahead of our expectations and we are grateful for the support and service that addmustard provided.” – Paul Constable, General Manager at Wowcher

Growth in organic visibility
Incremental visitors per month
New impressions