The Challenges

In spring 2018, addmustard were approached to develop a new brand in the B2B bespoke content streaming sector. The service is designed to be accessed via an app enabling the proprietor of a business to entertain customers in their public spaces, while they waited, in sectors such as medicine, automotive and beauty. Removing the need for a business TV licence, the service delivers programming with no adverts, tailored content and the ability to cancel at any time.

The brief focused on creating a brand proposition, promise, and communication that would be highly differentiated. We needed to create a bond: which done well, would promote fierce brand loyalty, delivering separation from the competition and increasing the likelihood of customer advocacy and recommendation – ultimately driving down the cost per acquisition and increasing the client’s marketing ROI.

The proposition brief was initially set out in functional terms: the client had a clear vision of what the service would deliver and how it would be delivered, but needed support in bringing the story to life and creating a brand which is compelling, differentiated and innovative.

The Solution

Our brand team started right at the beginning to understand who the service was aimed at, in order to determine how and where we needed to communicate and promote the brand. We set out on a research-driven creative process, encompassing competitor research analysis with target audience and persona definition, using the following framework:

Man (Who?) > Message (What?) > Media (How?)

Who are we talking to and what do they want?

Working with a specialist research partner, in-depth customer interviews were conducted via phone interviews across UK target sectors. Speaking to retailers, doctors, dentists, hairdressers and car dealerships, the researchers were able to build detailed profiles of the needs and requirements in target markets. This gave us a clear idea of what each of our targets wanted from a streaming service, why they wanted it (or why they weren’t interested) and pricing brackets for launch.

What needs to be communicated, and how do we need to say it?

We developed an understanding of competitors, their positioning, messaging and proposition. Looking specifically at brand strategy, we wanted to understand who (both B2C and B2B) our client would be sharing the space with, and what it was about their values and ethos that was resonating with customers. How did they talk to their customers? How did they maintain consistency and instil trust?

Once we had a clear understanding of the sector landscape, we explored a range of messaging styles through a series of workshops with the client. The workshops resulted in a selection of differentiated brand message routes to be considered that covered aspects such as tone of voice, brand values and personality. After comparing and contrasting our options against the original brief, and our understanding of the target audience, we were able to agree on a best fit that we then presented to the design team to take forward to develop the brand’s visual identity.

From initial mood board inspiration to refining shapes, exploration and final designs, the team worked closely with the client to make informed creative decisions and finalise the logo, strapline, imagery and adcepts to represent what was now to be known as WUW stream, derived from ‘While U Wait’. This was complemented with the strapline, ‘Made to Entertain’ – a simple statement that encompasses WUW stream’s mission.

From this, and following multiple creative workshops, the WUW stream brand was launched.

The Results

What platforms will we use for our message?

Presented alongside clear guidelines on typography, colour palette and imagery usage, addmustard delivered WUW stream’s brand spirit and visual identity in preparation for application across all platforms, including the website, app, email, PPC and display campaigns, and offline merchandise.

The driving factor was ensuring that the guidelines promoted consistency of brand application across every form of media, instilling trust and customer loyalty, along with an ethos that every stakeholder in the company could champion.

After a 6-month process, addmustard presented the WUW stream brand to the board to much enthusiasm and acclaim…

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