Welcome to the family

We employ highly-skilled and motivated digital marketing experts to push forward our mission to make our clients world class at digital marketing. Based in sunny Brighton on the south coast of England, we deliver for our clients across four continents, and all channels. We offer: Paid Search, Search Engine Marketing, Outreach & PR, Brand Development, Design, Social Media, Content, User Experience, Conversion Rate Optimisation and Design. Unlike many agencies, we work alongside our clients, more as an extension of their businesses than an off-site contributor.

You’ll ideally be happy to be hands on with our clients, and hard work, getting stuck in, and data-driven performance should come naturally. Nurturing talent and creating fresh opportunities for individuals is in our blood, and we also want you to be part of our team for years to come. So together we’ll work to create you a tailored career plan to build both the agency and your career.

This might sound clichéd, but we’re a family. There’s never a dull moment in the addmustard office, whether regular pizza & beer gatherings, or our technical director reading out a daily would you rather.

We’ve worked with big, small, famous, unknown-but-interesting, established, and up-and-coming clients. It’s our mission to work with inspiring businesses and work tirelessly to deliver them remarkable results. We are an agency built for entrepreneurs, run by entrepreneurs.

If you think there’s a you-shaped gap in the agency, why not send us your CV?