The Challenges

After success in the NZ market, Bobux needed an agency to re-launch their PPC and Shopping campaigns in the UK market to drive sales for their childrenswear products within a CPA of £50.

The Solution

Upon auditing the existing campaigns which had previously performed poorly, addmustard restructured and tailored PPC and Shopping campaigns around the product line and used existing audience and location data to split the campaigns to manage budget.

Spend was gradually opened up in month 1 by testing brand, product and generic search campaigns against product terms in Shopping. Each week budget was aligned with performing campaigns which were expanded out using DSA and SQRs. Monitoring of brand bidders, ad testing, promotion countdowns and sitelinks were also built during sale periods.

The Results

The campaigns significantly outperformed expectations with sales up 249% in peak periods whilst the CPA was reduced to half of the client’s target at £22. As a result, Bobux have since agreed to expand support into the US market. 

addmustard’s support included:

     Ensuring campaign and keyword coverage for all products;
     Creating tightly aligned keywords and ads;
     Shopping feed and PPC campaign restructure
     Reporting and GA tracking
     Ad copy testing aligned with promotional messages

Increase CTR
Reduce CPA
£22 from £50
Increase conversion rate